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2020. Szeptember 30.

About Us

To buy a toy is a matter of confidence.
This is why our toys are manufactured to meet high standards of quality, safety and aesthetic appearance.
Meeting the requirements of European Standard EN 71, each of them is tested and carries the CE mark as well as the EAN code.
The base materials and the colours are selected with utmost care. The manufacture is performed by special lines of machinery, and an adequate quality assurance system is available as well. Thus safety is warranted for you. Since our customers’ safety is of paramount importance for us, we guarantee continuous high quality, reliable and fast services and competitive prices.
A trend of ever-increasing rate in our days is that children are becoming the prisoners of computer games, Internet and cellular phones.
Not infrequently the “result” is lack of locomotion, social isolation or even difficulties of learning.
We as parents are responsible for the creation of an adequate balanced relation between classic toys and the new media.
Toys above all are to give joy, in the long run. A good toy leaves plenty of opportunities to children’s fantasy and creativity. The best ideas and initiatives come from children, and it is our endeavour to realize them with the help of our experience. Many of our toys will teach children as well as develop their skills. The attractive design and the quality packing cover reliable products that will withstand wear and tear.
Our firm is 100% family owned. It was launched in 1989. Our place of business is located on an area of 18000 sq. metres in an industrial park. We think that our top advantage is a flexible and safe manufacture offered to our customers.
Our Company avails itself of this opportunity to say thanks for the confidence of customers coming from Britain, Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Israel, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Lebanon, Macedonia, Germany, Norway, Roumania, Slovakia, the Ukraine.
Apart from being exported, our products ara available in Hungary's multinational chain stres and wholesalers of toys as well.
Have you for having opted for our product.
The Dohány Brothers